9 thoughts on “Arum Lilies”

  1. A lovely image with great depth of field. The delicacy is enhanced by the mono treatment. Would you consider cropping the right hand side somewhat, and maybe consider a square crop. I could look at this for hours

  2. It’s not often that flowers look good in mono, but this does. The composition is dynamic (maybe a tad off the right) and it has all the right tones in all the right places.

  3. A good example of using all the tones, great detail in the lilies.
    Agree with Chris, maybe a square crop. Printed on the right paper and framed it would look well hanging on a wall

  4. The opposition of the flowers in this is spot on. I love the way you look right down into the curves of the flower. The third element is the finishing touch for me. Mono make the shapes stand out and sing. I think the square crop makes it a little tight in the frame.

  5. Lovely calming feel to this image, great tones and positioning of the flowers – would like it on my wall!

  6. A really good, moody image, I like the square one best but I’m don’t like the key line – it’s a bit too close to the top flower.

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