8 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves”

  1. This certainly says autumn. The mix of colours works to create a Monet type image. The connection to the leaves in the wheelbarrow is well seen. Theres light area behind the barrow that separates from the tree so or me that works ok. If you crop it square would it make a better composition?

  2. Some lovely colours here and reminds us why Autumn is such a delightful time (apart from the rain!). Not too bothered about the barrows position but the fact it is filled tells a story. “The man who works in the garden has gone for his dinner….”

  3. I can’t really say anything more other than I agree with the above. It all about the seeing eye, and the wheelbarrow just adds that little bit more

  4. Well spotted subject and really nice processing to show the colours. The barrow position looks fine to me.

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