Bella 2020

KEAN IS looking forward to your comments on BELLA 2020

OLIVER Lovely portrait – I think the green scarf works very well with the models skin tone, great lighting and good eye contact. I would be tempted to move her to the left as I get the feeling of being tight in the frame on the right hand side. 

TILLMAN Super colours and ace depth of tone, but I find the pose a bit ‘harsh’, as though she resents having her photo taken.

GORDON Colours and strong, and would grab attention of the judges (on the button) So would do quite well, Like the background, although the model doesn’t look that comfortable, giving the photographer a ‘side ways’ glance

DIANNE The green colours choice in scarf and background work well with her skin tones. The lights part of the image is the necklace and it does take you attention away from her face. As previously mentioned her expression creates an uneasy feel to the shot

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