7 thoughts on “Boudicca”

  1. This is an image that can not be ignored. Really powerful and those eyes can not be ignored.

  2. This image certainly has impact. The expression is good and the eyes are great. I would add a slight amount of contrast to the face and try to get some light into the iris areas. I would also tone down the bright hair highlights… above and to the left of the left eye as we view the image. I find the editing of the missing teeth a bit unrealistic too.

  3. This lady was certainly playing the part, the expression works really well. The treatment has added to the image and the choice of mono certainly added to the drama as it intensifies the expression. It will make a great print.

  4. Oh yes, certainly grabs your attention. Great, though terrifying expression, and with the viewpoint makes an attention seeking image, helped by the mono treatment. maybe the eyes could be little more dynamic, and perhaps the head ornament could be a little darker. Will look ace as a print.

  5. Looks like a character from Dark Crystal – a scary image well presented but I agree with Kean about the dentistry being a little ‘obvious’?

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