DIANNE – Caring for Nature

TILLMAN I think this is another image that would have a lot more impact as a print under ‘those lights’! There is great colour harmony in the image and the concept comes across well. The use of a wooden hand raises more questions than it answers? 

OLIVER Lovely textures and colour pallette, I like the wooden hand as it gives a broader sense to the environmental message. For my taste I would tone down the wrist as it leaves the frame as it currently feels a little strong compared to the rest of the image.

KEAN I like the treatment of this image a lot and I imagine it would look great printed on the correct paper. I am just not too sure about the wooden hand… that may be just my opinion though. The textures and colours used I think are great and I particularly like the hint of blue at the bottom which ties in with the egg colour.

CHRIS E This is a fascinating and thought provoking image. Only thing that I would like to see is some desaturation of the hand to make it less dominant.

JAMES really love the dichotomy of fragility and solidness here. However I do agree that the hand is s little too obvious and would like to see it less intrusive.

COLIN Like the idea very much, very simple but effective.

2 thoughts on “DIANNE – Caring for Nature”

  1. I know I’m late with my comments, but I agree with Chris E about the hand; otherwise excellent.

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