8 thoughts on “Cold Morning”

  1. Nothing better than a frosted tree. Great that you have managed to isolate this single tree from the rest.

  2. Good positioning of the tree – you got out at the right time of day – perhaps a little sharpening of the central tree to make it stand out more?

  3. The central composition works really well, gives the image a sense of grandeur. The main subject is separated from the background and there is just a subtle hint of some warm tones that nicely balances the majority of cold tones. The base is just a bit light for me, I feel it should be about the same tone as the background, as it competes with the tree.

  4. It was a very chilly day. Great composition and simplicity to the shot. Possibly contrast on the tree increased slightly to boost the focal point.

  5. You can feel the cold. a nice wintry scene. I would darken the grassy foreground, and posibly add a bit of contrast to the trees.

  6. Think I would have preferred a few baubles and fairy lights 🤔
    Think perhaps a bit tighter with a darker base, but really empasiswd what winter is all about.

  7. cut the image off just above the top of the tree and that looses
    the sky. with the magic wand and 15pix soft edge select the
    tree, then sharpen and lighten and hey presto magic!.

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