5 thoughts on “Colin – Admiring the View”

  1. Great mono tones. Wasn’t sure about the composition at first, but the more I look at it, the less the composition disturbs as his expression takes over and you wonder what is he looking at!

  2. This image is perfect in monochrome and your eyes go straight to the man. For me his expression is more one of emotion in the way that you would look up to try to stop the tears. I see it as maybe he has lost his wife and is now alone. So many stories contained in a single image

  3. Great composition. The man on the edge of the bench asks so many questions. Is it a bird, is it a plane … It’s. story that can be told so many ways. the mono works a sit takes away so many coloured distractions.

  4. The lack of eye contact works well here as there is a sense of looniness or isolation enhanced by being on the edge of the bench as if there is something missing in his life. Works well to tell a story.

  5. Interesting that this image has suggested so many different scenarios for the man – great image

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