KEAN is looking forward to your comments on AGAINST THE GRAIN

GORDON A very good portrait, like the effect of the background but I do find it a bit overpowering, can it it be toned down slightly? It would do well in a lot of competitions

TILLMAN Oh yes! What is there not to like.

CHRIS E I think that this is really powerful, but for me I would prefer the removal of the motion blur on her skin and dress.

DIANNE The direct eye contact gives you Impact & interest, Blue and jade always work well together. The link to the hair is a good idea but the eye makeup is to strong, as it distracts from her eyes. The motion blur and straight lines contained it need more refinement. In saying that it’ll probably get a good mark on the buttons but not an awards if seen up close because of the odd effect created by the blur on the edges of the skin etc..

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