KEAN is looking forward to your comments on FEARLESS.

TILLMAN A very well put together with a strong message. Super use of tones and colours, though I’m not sure about the brightest part of the image being at the base of the cliff. I suppose it then forces you to move up the cliff to the girl(?) thereby giving a sense of the height involved.

6 thoughts on “Fearless”

  1. It certainly has impact and it asks questions which is always good.
    the colours work well and the anticipation created certainly gives an edge. I think you need to look at the overall lighting. the quality of some parts is great than others, so therefore doesn’t match up. On the buttons it will do well but there are issues if you look close.

    1. Hi Dianne, please can you elaborate on the issues regarding the light which you mention, this will be helpful, many thanks.

  2. Nicely visualised. Strong position for the figure and I like the rock textures below her. Birds help and I find the sky OK as well as the far rocks, as though the figure is going to jump and swim to them! Not convinced about the sunset area, too bright.

  3. Like the composition, but the top of the rock is lit, looking as the light is coming from the direction of the viewer, yet the sun is setting behind the cliff.

  4. Like the image although I’m half expecting the ‘Black Pearl’ to be coming round the corner where the brightest part of the image is. The figure which asks a difficult question is a little lost being so dark.

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