7 thoughts on “Dianne – Dawn Dog Walk”

  1. Lovely colour harmony, and the ‘action’ poses of the dog and and owner add a some dynamics to the image. The use of the turbines to add a sense of place and to frame the main subject works very well. Maybe too much sky, but it does give the impression of a very open space.

  2. The turbines are an inspired addition to this image and really direct you to the dog and owner. The colours, tones and textures take it to another level. I quite like it with half the sky removed as I feel it makes you focus in on the subject.

  3. I like the large area of sky, it feels like one of the great English landscape painters, but with the modern twist of the turbines.

  4. As Colin has just pointed out re the English painter …Turner? It works the colours are brilliant together with the composition . Love to see the print sometime

  5. I’m in agreement with the above, especially with regard to the sky. A crop would, I feel add strength to the image.

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