6 thoughts on “Dianne – Returning Home”

  1. This is a very different image. I am used to seeing aeroplanes in the sky, but this has the wonderful addition of detail on the ground too. The small patch of sunlight on the ground is almost like a beacon pointing to home. An excellent shot

  2. The text isn’t as dominant as in the earlier images, but it still fits the theme. The overall tone/colour of the image is great and the contrast of the aircraft adds impact and focus. I really like the way the sky and ground have been combined giving a great sense of space and height. The use of wind turbines gives the image a social statement.

  3. An excellent interpretation of the theme. I like the contrast between the orange of the plane and the subtle blue of the rest of the image. The wind turbines seen from above add an extra dimension and level of interest.

  4. Interesting to see another jet as close as this appears to be to the photographer. Lovely tones between the sky and wind farm.

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