8 thoughts on “Dianne – The Race”

  1. Nice visual story, when can we visit galleries again? I understand that the man needs to be blurred but I do find his blurry head irritating.

  2. Made me laugh to see that the man was being chased by the animal. There is a lot to look at and I like how the floor tiles draw you into the image. Agree with Colin about the man – maybe more motion blur would help

  3. A well seen image. I would have preferred it without the sculpture and would have liked a bit of separation between the figure and the picture frame.

  4. I think this works, and I would keep the sculpture in, as it adds to being in a gallery, the blurred figure makes it more dynamic as though he is trying to get away from the horse

  5. An image that asks the questions but leaves the viewer with no answers other than the ones we want to provide.

  6. I find I am more ‘drawn’ to the statue at the front than the print on the wall – interesting composition though

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