Diary 2021/22

This is very much dependant of the Government Guidelines etc.

I’m in the process of rebooking cancelled meeting, thought it might help anyone else doing the same.

Any changes required, organise it with someone and let me know. To update the dairy.

5th January MeetingJames
19th January Critique Colin
2nd February MeetingKen
16th February CritiqueOliver
2nd March MeetingTillman
16th March CritiqueChris W
2nd – 5th AprilEasterClosed
6th April MeetingChris E
20th AprilCritiqueJames
3rd MayBank HolidayClosed
4th MayMeetingBernard
18th MayCritiqueKean
31st MayBank HolidayClosed
1st JuneMeetingGordon
15th JuneCritiqueKeith
Summer MeetingsTBA
7th SeptemberMeetingDianne
21st SeptemberCritiqueTillman TBA
6th OctoberMeetingColin
20th OctoberCritiqueGordon
3rd NovemberMeetingOliver
17th NovemberCritiqueChris E
7th DecemberMealJulia
4th JanuaryMeetingKean
18th JanuaryCritiqueChris W
1st FebruaryMeetingDianne
15th FebruaryCritiqueKen
1st MarchMeetingChris E
15th MarchCritiqueOliver
5th AprilMeetingChris W
15th – 18th AprilEasterClosed
19th AprilCritiqueColin
2nd MayBank HolidayClosed
3rd MayMeetingGordon
17th MayCritiqueKean
30th May Bank HolidayClosed
7th JuneMeetingKen
21st JuneCritiqueTillman
Summer MeetingsTBA
6th SeptemberMeetingJames
20th SeptemberCritiqueBernard
4th OctoberMeetingDianne
18th OctoberCritiqueOliver
1st NovemberMeetingColin
15th NovemberCritiqueKeith
6th DecemberMealJulia