Diary 2021/22

Please, check your dairy dates and book a zoom talk or do something yourself. Let me know so I can keep the diary unto date and everyone knows what’s going on.

The nights not listed we’ll get together for a chat on Zoom. You’ll all be sent the link join in if you want to.

Any changes required, organise it with someone and let me know. To update the dairy.

5th January MeetingAll
19th January SpeakerAllLES FORRESTER
2nd February MeetingKeithL&CPU Folio
16th February Critique ZoomGordon 2 images by 14th Feb
23rd FebruaryMeet up on Zoom
2nd March Meeting/SpeakerChris Trevor Davenport
Local Nature
9th MarchMeet up on Zoom
16th March Critique ZoomOliver2 images by 14th March
23rd MarchMeet up on Zoom
30th MarchMeeting/SpeakerDianne Stan Farrow FRPS
Twenty Twenty Vision
2nd – 5th AprilEaster Holiday
6th April Meeting/SpeakerTillman London Salon 2018/19
(PAGB Recorded Lecture)
13th AprilMeet up on Zoom
20th AprilCritique ZoomJames2 images by 18th April
27th April Meet up on Zoom
4th MayMeeting/SpeakerColinStephen McNally – Mono Landscape
11th MayMeet up on Zoom
18th MayCritique ZoomDianne 2 images by 16th May
25th May Meet up on Zoom
1st JuneMeeting/SpeakerGordonAn Evening with
8th JuneMeet up on Zoom
15th JuneCritique ZoomKeith2 images by 12th March
Summer MeetingsTBA
7th SeptemberMeetingOliver
21st SeptemberCritiqueTillman
6th OctoberMeetingColin
20th OctoberCritiqueGordon
3rd NovemberMeetingJamesExploring Caving _ James
17th NovemberCritiqueChris E
7th DecemberChristmas Meeting/MealJulia
4th JanuaryMeetingGordon
18th JanuaryCritiqueKeith
1st FebruaryMeetingDianne
15th FebruaryCritiqueSteve
1st MarchMeetingChris E
15th MarchCritiqueRob
5th AprilMeeting?????
15th – 18th AprilEaster
19th AprilCritiqueColin
2nd MayBank Holiday
3rd MayMeetingRob
17th MayCritique
30th May Bank Holiday
7th JuneMeetingSteve
21st JuneCritiqueTillman
Summer MeetingsTBA
6th SeptemberMeetingJames
20th SeptemberCritiqueBernard
4th OctoberMeetingDianne
18th OctoberCritiqueOliver
1st NovemberMeetingColin
15th NovemberCritiqueKeith
6th DecemberMeeting/MealJulia