7 thoughts on “Dragon Early Warning System . 1st Test.”

  1. The story works really well, I love the components. They all seem to be facing in different directions, for me there needs to be more reason for them to be there.

  2. Too many individual objects that does not allow you to focus on the main subject. Would like to see a more dramatic sky, as you say work in progress

  3. At the moment there is no unity in the image, but I am sure that this is a work in progress and look forward to seeing the final result

  4. I like the concept and placement of the subjects, and that the main subject is the lightest tone. The muted tones suit the theme of the image. I’m not convinced about the grounding of the lady, even with the shadow she looks like she is floating .

  5. Like the elements and the background, but the composition not quite right. Perhaps the dragon should be smaller and airborne to the left of the warning system?

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