SRGB – Distinctive Images in Print

The SRGB Group miss the Print Celebration but we to promote prints. We thought of starting the Print Celebration again as a BPE but tried to introduce two points for prints into the BPE’s at the AGM but failed on two occasions. The obvious choice was to move forward from the traditional Competitions and Exhibitions and create something different.

The Print Celebration was about giving you the choices. It had to be inclusive to all photographers who loves prints. Anyone can enter, Any subject, Anywhere and not just for club photographers. People that enjoy the printed image, from their phone, who print their own, who use the alchemy of the darkroom or send them to be printed.All types of photography can be printed from traditional darkroom to the most creative images.

By entering the monthly competitions you can gain Pins & Badges to work to a Distinction In Print. We want to celebrate the print worker, the knowledge and skills are important. All results are important and equal. The DiP is simply for the print enthusiasts and to Celebrate Prints. There’s nothing like seeing your image in print and holding it in your hand.


Tillman Kleinhans – The Oculus

Nine Monthly Print Competitions – Acceptances and Awards each month.

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DiP Distinctions

Dianne Owen – Blind at the Tate

Gain Pins and Badges from your prints.


Keith Richardson – Dark Dreams

Annual Exhibition Judged by an Independent judge.

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The Basics


Simply Idea with Simple Instructions.

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Bernard Longley – Where’s My Specs?

Please, Read before you start choosing your prints.

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Chris Ellison – Two Apollos

Diary delayed due to COVID

Dianne Owen – Mum’s Club
Julia Douglas – Rainy Days
Tillman Kleinhans – Red Drop

Photography is about capturing souls not smiles…