The Latest in Face Masks

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5 thoughts on “The Latest in Face Masks”

  1. Very topical image and well found from the steampunk days.
    The simple background allows the figure to stand out especially with the contacting colours in this clothes. Th direst look has your gaze as soon as you look at him. I wonder what he’s thinking?

    I think this is a very good capture of this steam punk. There is a lot of interest in the clothes, hat and the face mask, which is topical at the moment. It is good that there is no bad reflection in the glasses and that the eyes are clearly visible. I agree with Tillman about the background line being a problem but this can be quite easily rectified in Photoshop. If it was my image, I would convert it to Monochrome where you would have lots of control over the tones with this particular image, and it would also take out the green which covers a large part of the image which IMO would improve it. This along with some D & B and a slight crop from the top and bottom. Worth a try, nice image.

  3. Probably apt for where we find ourselves at present. It feels like a straight shot (apart from the wall in the background!) and works well.

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