Photographic Faces with a filter. Can you name all 20? one has 2 on so 21? All linked to some way.member, talk, workshop, judging or simply through the L&CPU. have fun. email he answers.

Olive Doree

David Parkinson

(Wilkinson’s Camera’s) 

Jane Lines

Garth Tighe 

(Past President L&CPU)

Alan Andrews ( Mill Shoot)

Ian Aldcroft 

(Past President L&CPU)


Mike Lawrence (Judge & Speaker)

Robert Millin 

(Judge & Speaker)

Gordon Jenkins & Robert Albright (Past President RPS)

Dianne Owen

Howard Tate

(Speaker & President PAGB)

Keith Richardson

Colin Douglas

Rod Wheelans 

(Past President PAGB & AMP Co-Ordinator)

Adrian Lines 

Ken  Ainscow

Kean Brown

Mike McNamee

(Editor Professional Imagemaker magazine Member & Judge & Speaker on Printing)

Rob Lowe 

( Judge of SRGB Exhibition & Member of Smethwick PS)

David Butler  (Judge & Ex Wigan 10)

Have fun and good luck.