CHRIS E A thought provoking image and quite a dark subject. It is something that you can look at and study for a long time.

GORDON Like the image, very powerful, should do well.

KEANI like the concept and the colour palette. I was wondering if the figure on the left is a little bit too faded. Just a thought 

KEITH A well conceived and thought provoking. Like the backdrop and the effect. I do find that the feet seem a little too dark though.

TILLMAN Works well, magic effect and the human forms contrast so nicely with the mechanical forms. Colours are good, not convinced that the concept of “Failed Again” comes across strongly enough.

COLIN Works well, magic effect and the human forms

JAMES Loved this, background interesting. Treatment of the bodies intriguing and I like the “heavy boots” – secures the image.

OLIVER The figures and background have been cleverly created and the colours work well apart from the figures feet which I find too heavy compared to the rest of the image. The pose suggests a ‘parent child’ relationship though I find nothing to suggest (other than the title) why or maybe that was the intent?

KEN Love the colours and the repeating pattern. On my screen the the range between the bright centre and the feet does look greater than a print could support – so I need to see the print to comment.

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