FIRE this has come from a happy hour last Sunday playing photography in my garage whilst it was lashing it down outside! A single flash triggered by the camera‚Äôs pop up flash was used for lighting and several of the glasses which thankfully are cheap in Asda! OLIVER is looking forward to your Comments. 

7 thoughts on “Fire”

  1. Is this a straight shot or a composite? Not that it matters, just interested re your comment about the glasses being cheap in ASDA. Well lit, never easy with glass or flash, and the black background works well, though it could be a little lighter at the bottom to give the effect of an infinite background.

  2. Hi Tillman – it is a straight shot, the comment re glasses being cheap was due to the number of earlier attempts which stained the glass and made them un-serviceable!! Thanks for your comments.

  3. It’s good to see something that brings a different angle to the critique group. I really like the long flame that really creates a height to the image. Great composition and execution showing a controlled light on the glass.

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