7 thoughts on “Tillman. Golitha Falls”

  1. The dark dank green of the mossy banks really lifts this and adds an extra dimension. I’d be tempted to darken down the far white water to stop you wandering to far away from the main subject. Lovely mood to this.

  2. Its good to see a shot like this in colour which works . Technically excellent combining sharpness with a slow shutter speed. Did you get your feet wet taking this as the view point would suggest you were in the middle of the river!!

  3. A lovely dark moody image. The trees across the water hold attention in the lower part of the image.
    The dark base accentuates the lighter water above.

  4. A great waterfall shot. Well composed and full of detail. Love the water in the foreground and the light hitting the trees at the back completes it.

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