Splashing Horses Across the Rocks

or Goodman’s Fields Horses


SPLASHING HORSES ACROSS THE ROCKS, the sculpture was taken in London, now added to a Welsh background. It’s got rocks and water but not sure if I can put it in the theme? Changed Title to focus on water and rocks? Does the title matter? or is it what you visually see? Looking forward to your comments. DIANNE

10 thoughts on “Splashing Horses Across the Rocks”

  1. Well conceived Di, Like those horses and the way they have been integrated into the seen. Good choice of background too. I think it fits the theme.

  2. For me it doesn’t quite fit the theme as the horses are the main focus, not the rocks and water. Nevertheless it is a really well combined image

  3. Think it pushes the theme a little!
    Even so, lovely image, background and the water splash makes it almost believable.

  4. Lovely image, very well thought out and conceived. Theme title is open to interpretation, and very well interpreted!

  5. I love this image. Like a painting which I would hang on my wall. It has Rocks and Water. The splashes through the R&W show the horses powering through. Surely the theme can be interpreted in any way?

  6. Great creativity and does fit into the ‘theme’ defo one for the wall/galley- one minor comment is the lead horses right hoof a little ‘lost’/curved under looking like a small boulder?

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