8 thoughts on “Dianne – Nesting on the Baltic”

  1. The lettering is almost sitting on the birds, making for a fun image. I think that it meets the brief as the first thing that you see is the wording, and a split second later the nesting birds

  2. I like the viewpoint – you can some great shots from the viewing platform – it adds a sense of dynamics to a static subject. It’s a nature shot showing how the birds have adapted to living ‘on the edge’ with the bonus of telling you where that edge is. Great photo.

  3. Another image which leaves you in no doubt about the location. When I first saw the thumbnail I thought it was a street sign, it’s only when you see it lager that you fully appreciate it.

  4. Well seen, the increasing size of the lettering gives a dynamic to the image and the birds add further interest.
    I wonder how this would look as a mono?

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