8 thoughts on “The Silver Jubilee Bridge”

  1. This is a very thought provoking image. It makes me think of the people who live there with the bridge seemingly outside their bedroom window.

  2. Love the viewpoint and dark tones. Very reminiscent of photos taken of the Manhattan Bridge from the Dumbo area of New York. Who would have thought that Runcorn could rival NY for photo opportunities.

  3. Gosh, spent some time around here doing Urban Geography fieldwork during the early 70’s (honest!). I like the relationship between the old and relatively new. Like the fact its in colour and none of the wires, etc have been removed.

  4. Before expanding this I thought it was the Tyne bridge. ( I wondered where the travelodge had gone). Love the detail on the bridge, and never realised there were houses so close to it. Well seen and composed.

  5. Like the angle the image has been taken and the compression this has on the bridge. I feel the buildings are a little to dominant for my taste

  6. When I first saw this image I was sure I had seen it before. Tillman hit the nail on the head with the NY comparison. I would like it to be a bit grittier and see it in mono.

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