Chris – Leopard


Permajet Museum Taken at Chester Zoo

DIANNE It’s expression is very direct and a bit scary. The dark foliage makes the big cats stand out from the background.

TILLMAN Composition and square format – excellent.Tonal value placement makes for a dramatic + powerful effect. Strong eyes, though the cat’s left eye (right one as looking at image) just a tad dark for me. Highlights on paws just need toning down.

GORDON Great picture of the Jaguar, my only comment is the light on the creatures back, I would tone it down so that the viewer can concentrate on the face.

JAMES Super colours and I like the position, almost a diagonal through. Dark background works – especially as there is some detail and not solid black as I’ve seen elsewhere. Would have liked a little more detail on the darker ear.

COLIN Works for me, seems to be a style for animal portraits against avery dark background.

OLIVER I’m not an expert but this animal looks too content as if it has eaten too many meals?! The authors treatment works well with good details on the Jaguar and dark background has a few leaves to break up the black

KEN Very strong portrait of the animal, good viewpoint, good composition. Again, I don’t know if it’s my screen, but there appears to be a blue cast around the head, it’s particularly strong around the mouth.

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