Living on the Edge

LIVING ON THE EDGE was created because of the restrictions of Lockdown and Social Distancing. looking forward to your Comments. DIANNE

7 thoughts on “Living on the Edge”

  1. This is a very thought provoking image and I can get lost in it. It will mean so much to so many and the colours are beautiful. The blotches beneath the globe almost look like tears. The only minor niggle is the logo in the bottom left – but that is just me as I am not a fan of logos, watermarks, signature etc

    1. I hadn’t realised I’d posted one with the logo but I put a logo on most of my work as it’s been used by the people in the past with to my permission. When I’m doing a talk my work is often taken from my website without my permission.

  2. This is a warmer, gentler and more welcoming photo than the previous one. The figures and trees are still a bit harsh (IMHO) but they harmonise more with overall tones in the picture. The title gives it the drama it needs.

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