The Cross

DIANNE is looking forward to your comments on THE CROSS

CHRIS E I like the symmetry of this image along with the muted colour palette. However, I find the sunlight on the floor distracting and think that a tighter crop may help. I would also do something about the very bright light between the tiles that leads to the altar

TILLMAN The symmetry, tone and geometry of the image work really well together. The sunlight on the floor (not the lead in line!) need dealing with to even out the tone – even possibly cropping out? The more you look at it, the more you think what if the cross had a glow to it? How could I make it more ‘creative’ or surreal?

2 thoughts on “Dianne. The Cross”

  1. An image that leads you through the picture to the cross, and works well, the composition is strong although a darkened foreground would be a slight improvement.
    Tillman — I would leave the cross as it is. It works well

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