CHRIS E is looking forward to your comments on VIETNAMESE FISHERWOMAN.

KEAN This monochrome portrait has a good amount of impact and I like the processing. The background is good and has no distractions. There are a couple of little hot spots either side of the face on her hood under the hat which I would take down a little… not too much so that you lose tonal range, just to stop the eye wondering away from the face. I also think the eyes could take a little enhancing, again not too much though. Very good portrait, well done!

TILLMAN Really good travel portrait, giving a sense of the place. Great range of tones and nicely separated from the unobtrusive background, super composition. It’ll look magic on a good paper.

2 thoughts on “Chris. Vietnamese Fisherwoman”

  1. Great portrait, you’ve caught her character really well.The mono really adds to the image by removing the distraction of colour.

  2. Not much else to say, as the others have already said it, just brighten the eyes very slightly. Will do well in competitions, especially as its monochrome.

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