DIANNE is looking forward to your comments on SWIRLS

COLIN This image conveys the feeling of emotion without the need of the title. The mix of colours and the pattern work perfectly for me.

KEAN I really like the colour palette used here, in fact I am currently working on a portrait with the very same colours too (will post next). I do like this image a lot. Which paper would you print this on? The only thing that I think might be worth a try is, a slight rotation clockwise, I think this would help the balance just a little.

TILLMAN I’m sure that this image can only be appreciated fully life size, on a matt slightly textured paper and under ‘the lights’. Fab image BTW.

GORDON Like the ‘electric’ effect and the colours, it all works well

CHRIS E I find this a very powerful image, but it needs to be viewed large for the full impact

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