GORDON is looking forward to your comment on TURKISH LADIES

DIANNE The title give you a link to the image. It’s a different perspective and probably not a liked by competition judges but good street photography With simple tones helping the flag yo stand out.

TILLMAN Another good travel image, the flag giving it a focus and s definite location. There may be too much space on the LH side, suggesting a square format? I don’t think that there is too much competition between the ladies and the flag, but if the flag could be moved to between the ladies, and cropped to a square then the composition would be really tightened up.

2 thoughts on “Gordon. Turkish Ladies”

  1. A proper piece of street photography. The flag attracts the eye onto the picture leading towards the two women. Building on the right is a bit distracting but nothing you could do about it, presumably.

  2. There appears to be a good connection between the photographer and the two ladies in the windows which gives the image a warm friendly feel. I find the flag is to distracting for my taste however it does tell you where you are!

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