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April 2021 Critique – Selected by James

Top Image April is Steve with Robin

Runners Up

Rain Over Trotternish by Rob

Been Shopping by Keith

March 2021 THEME People – Selected by Keith

TOP IMAGE. Chris Monkey House

Brilliant shot. Well exposed and perfect timing. There is so much to see and we must all remember days out like this. The adult is slightly distracting but does add to the story, but I think I would also consider cloning her out.But still a fabulous shot and a worthy winner.

Runners Up. Tillman Animated Bar Conversation & It’s a Text….

I really like this from the first viewing, simply because of the brilliantly captured expression of the woman on the right. This is exactly the look you get when someone is telling you something, when you are trying to think of something else, and they realise that you are not giving them your full attention.( I get it a lot when the lad is telling me something about Uni ). It is only a fleeting look and so the timing is bang on to capture it. 

Well seen and great composition with a really nice complmentary background to frame it all. Love the way it is the eldest nun that gets the text, and on an old looking phone, although it may have been taken some time ago.

March 2021 Selected by Oliver

TOP IMAGE Southbourne Beach – Tillman

Runners Up

Chris The Girl At Number Seven
James – Rocks

February Theme 2021 Selected by Chris

Top Image Spring King Cups. by Oliver

For me this is the stand out image with so much going for it. It is taken from a low perspective so that you almost feel that you are lying amongst the flowers.  The lighting is perfect with the petals and hairs on the flowers being backlit, and to add that final touch the sepals are shown as shadows. It is a feel good image that brings joy to the beholder.

Runner Up Give Us a Hug. by Gordon

Runner Up Door & Water Melon by Tillman

February AWARDS (Zoom) 2021 Selected by Gordon

Top Image

Grizzled Skippers


Runner Up

The Blackmount


Runner Up. Gritty Snowscape Oliver

JANUARY AWARDS 2021 Selected by Oliver with thoughtful comments.

Theme. Winner. Who’s Playing Who Colin

It takes me to a time when I played rugby is similar conditions – it was great fun, the camaraderie of the various teams I played for was excellent and made it all the more enjoyable – though I always hated the communal bath afterwards where you came out dirtier than when you went in!! The image is also relevant to now where we are battling against opposition that is difficult to see and control.

Runner Up Dianne Torso

Takes me to all of those ancient sites in Turkey and Greece we have visited and enjoyed on numerous holidays– the treatment is excellent and complimentary. I am also reminded of my younger days when I was fitter and more athletic (I know hard to believe!) happy days.

Top Image. Sheep Colin

Sheep – the riot of colour and multiple faces really puts a smile on my face, the added bonus is having been on farms with our horses all my adult life I can smell and hear them. It also asks – why and what do the colours mean, where are they going?

Runner Up Tillman. Beach Stone Abstract 

I am drawn to the textures the image portrays, so many shapes and patterns – it could also be of wood or an ancient cave painting, its a delight to look over the image – would love to see the print. Being a Geologist (by qualification) I can feel the coarseness of the stone and find the image invokes fond memories of field trips to numerous geological sites around the UK when I was studying.

DECEMBER AWARDS 2021 Selected by Bernard

Theme Winner

Tillman – Covid Christmas

Runner Up Borrowdale Mill – James

Monthly Top Image

Gordon – Bronze Statue

Runner Up Cinema Goer Colin

NOVEMBER AWARDS Selected by James

Theme Winner

Water Power Colin

Runner Up Llyn Padarn Keith

Monthly Winner

Chilling Out Dianne

Runner Up. Bee Moth. Chris

OCTOBER AWARDS Selected by Colin

TOP IMAGE Red Squirrel Chris

Chris Ellison

Runner Up Nyca Guard Dianne

Oliver Doree

Runner Up Canal Sunset Oliver

SEPTEMBER AWARDS. Selected by Dianne

Winner Selfie. Colin

Runner Up Newtons Third Law Tillman

Runner Up Newtons Third Law Tillman

AUGUST AWARDS Selected by Gordon

Winner Lone Tree. Bernard

Runner Up. Agapanthus. Colin

Runner Up Stream James

JULY AWARDS. Selected by Tillman

Winner The Siren Keith

Runner Up. Walking in the Rain Colin

Runner Up. Past It’s Best Dianne

JUNE AWARDS judged by Keith

Winner Dark Side of the Guggenheim Tillman

Runner Up. Pelican Pair Chris

Runner Up. Arum Lilies. James