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KEAN I think that the blue and grey colours in this image work well. The peaches stand out within the colour palette which works well with the title. It is a pity that there is no eye contact which would have made a stronger image. Compositionally, I would be inclined to crop in from the left a little which would place the man and the peaches in the middle of the shot, as I think that there is a little too much space on the left which is not adding to the image.

TILLMAN A well seen image that has a story to tell. Compositionally, I prefer the original, but with some of the LH side cropping – say up to the table, and some work being done on the brightness/contrast of various elements within the image. I like the colour combinations and think the blue door and window frame work well by holding the interest between the two.

DIANNE I like the generally uncluttered image and you can see inside the door which adds interest adds detail and a knowledge of r creating a sense of the place. A tweak with the contrast and a square crop from the edge of the door will remove the distractions. Have you thought about flipping the image after the crop and the man adds balance by looking out or just relaxing. Difficult to explain, so with Gordon’s permission posted my version of image. love to hear your comments. 

OLIVER V1 & V2 – I think the V1 works better for me – seeing the whole of the table top and into the room beyond – I would be tempted to crop some of the bare wall on the LHS and leave the edge of the window frame as it holds everything in!

REPLY FROM GORDON – V2 Just shows what a bit of cropping can do whilst reversing the image I like it…………of course I do

COLIN I think I prefer V2 , mainly because of the tweaking. I prefer the composition and the stronger colour / contrast.

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  1. I’m with Tillman on this one – when first seen I thought the subject had more than a passing resemblance to you.

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