CHRIS E is looking forward to your thoughts. on MEETING AT THE MARKET

7 thoughts on “Chris. Meeting At The Market”

  1. Nicely framed travel shot with some nice colours giving a sense of market day. For me, if the central guy was glancing up at the camera and making eye contact, it would have made the image, meaning I think it just needs a little more engagement. Also, I find the guy behind him (part of head and arm in particular) a distraction.

  2. A travel shot should show the essence of the place in the image. This does exactly that people interacting on a daily basis in the place they live. The whites have been handled well in contrasting light. A square crop would remove the dark objects at the top but still keep the atmosphere of the shot. The hidden man is unfortunately distracting.

  3. Like the quality, great exposure, and gives the feel of a busy market .
    I think….. as already been said clone out the guy behind the man with the phone and that would work for me

  4. I like the framing of the men in the arch – it just shouts markets and business – but I’m not keen on the items hanging from the top, they have an intriguing shape and take my eye from the subject.

  5. Having recently come back via Dubai, I felt close to this image. It really contrasts the old with the new (phones, sunnies etc). I quite like the hanging containers at the top, sums up the busyness of the market. Whites handled well.

  6. I like the feel of this, and find the hanging containers help hold the picture together, although I think I would crop a little from the bottom. Great colour tones.

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