This is a new venture to try and get us to reconnect with the group install groups if possible. if your not sure of anything just ask, it will change as we get used to the idea. Try and pass on images within the week.

Please remember. the images belong to the Group Member and can not be reproduced or copied in any way.

Getting the Boxes

I’ve created a rota for the print critique, you can either meet up individually or in small groups and swop the boxes, have coffee and chat. If you’re away or can’t do a print turn just let the people know.

The Boxes

Inside the box there’s , a rota, a tick sheet, comment sheets and a set of image sheets.

The image sheet is for you to fill in for your images. Each image needs an image sheet. I stuck them on the back with Pritt Stick one one edge only..

Add two new prints to the box plus a print of one of your images from pervious digital critique. Once it’s been round for the first time, you remove the prints that have had the comments and replace them with new ones. (don’t forget the sheets).


I’ve not added set comment sheets, as it often depends on how & what you want to say. Comment sheets are added per image, just write your name & add your comment. The first person the comment starts the comment sheet off. Please try and keep the image and the sheet together in the box.

Digital Critique

You can add the digital images to the Digital critique page too, this gives you a comparison for the print. If you have more than two images for the month you can put them in digital critique as before.