Mid Lancs at Lawsons Field

KEN is looking forward to hearing your thoughts on MID LANCS AT LAWSONS FIELD

OLIVER The runner is well placed, however the sporadic spectators in the background are a distraction taking my eye from the main subject.

TILLMAN I think this lacks a little drama, could look more striking as a print though. Not convinced the single runner is strong enough in such a big space. 

DIANNE I like the figure with her feet off the ground but I spent some time trying to identify the runners/people in the background. the composition needs playing with to move the focal point to the runner. 

KEAN I think the composition is good here but I find the background to be too distracting. The treatment of the background looks a little strange to me. I would definitely remove the red from the person on the left.

CHRIS E I find the figures in the background very distracting. I wonder if it would be more powerful cropped to portrait/square. 

GORDON Picked out the runner extremely well, and I like the idea of the spectators in the background as it adds context and perspective to the image.Lighting and the sky very well handled. 

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