7 thoughts on “Bliss”

  1. A great candid image of someone engrossed in his newspaper – and so glad to take off his shoes! Would just like the newspaper to be somewhat blurred as my attention is drawn to the headlines

  2. Well caught, love the way he is so engrossed in the paper. Presumably his feet got hot reading the headlines – I’m quite glad they are readable as they add another dimension to the image. Great as a mono too!

  3. Such a basic gesture of removing his shoes makes a great story. The simplicity stands out in this one, enhanced by the mono. Cracking shot. Does it work in colour?

    For me the newspaper print gives extra detail to the story.

  4. Really not a lot to say about this as its exactly what candid shots are about, it would get top marks from me. Simple, no background distractions, tells a story and works well in monochrome

  5. I know the feeling you can almost see the steam coming off
    his feet, his feet sure keep the space around him free, can’t improve on this 5*

  6. Well seen, perfect composition, and the headlines need to be readable as they add more context/story telling to the image. The man could do with a bit more contrast and the bottom edge of the step should be parallel to the image edge.

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