8 thoughts on “Old Time Chat”

  1. A well captured moment. Great expression in the face of the man here as he looks very engaged, showing strong eye contact with the woman. I think this image is all about his expression and I would therefore concentrate on bringing this out more. For me, I prefer the colour version. Compositionally, I would crop in from the right, up to just before the woman’s hat. Then a smaller crop from the left until his left eye lines up on the third. This gets us more into his expression. Then I would adjust the levels to lift the overall image as I find it generally a bit flat but, I would then brush this through just on his face so that your eye is more drawn to him. Finally , I would add a vignette.

  2. There’s a real contact between these two. You’ve created a personal space for the two by allowing the additional space at the sides and not framing too close. As a pdi’s it looks ok but if you print it you’ll need a little tweaking to bring out the features. The colour version is my favourite.

  3. I really like this, as it has a great feeling. Wonder what was being said? Prefer the colour as the mono looks a bit flat

  4. As is I prefer the colour version, but brighten the face and add more contrast and think the mono would be much better.

  5. The colour version works better for me, whilst there is an obvious strong connection between the two I find the bridge of hair between the two a little distracting.

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