8 thoughts on “Paper Roses”

  1. Like the texture you’ve chosen, I also like the subject matter. Only thought is the Left hand rose is that a shadow extreme right or part of the display ? It hasn’t the same impact as the right hand side.

  2. I think that the texture on this works really well and I really like the limited colour palette. I agree with Colin about the rose on the left, and I am disturbed that the central rose is floating. I would like to see some evidence of a stem to “ground” it.

  3. Like the texture and the limited colour palette that works well, the centre rose need stem, will make a super print. Another winner

    I’ve updated the image and added detail to the back rose. The green stem is actually behind the rose, you can see it in the original. I’ve created a stem but not really happy with it.

  5. Lovely creative image with great textures and colours – I hadn’t noticed the ‘missing’ stem until it was mentioned!

  6. Great idea where I can understand what you are looking to do, for once. Have to agree with the missing stem being a distraction once someone had mentioned it. Great image anyway, will look superb printed.

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