Parys Mountain

PARYS MOUNTAIN, is on Anglesey is an amazing place. Went in 1972 on a uni Geography trip and returned in 2015. Totally different but the colours are stunning. Once a Copper Mine in North Wales. Looking forward to your thoughts JAMES

6 thoughts on “Parys Mountain”

  1. A be must visit for me when visiting Anglesey. The colours and shapes are stunning! The landscape ordination gives you a beautiful vista of the mines colours. The mill needs a little more sky at the top.

  2. A difficult place to photograph but you have caught the scale of the old copper works, with a good lead in through the image. The tower acts as a reference of scale and I agree maybe a slightly more sky would help.

  3. Always great colours here, but a difficult place to record, unless you go for abstracts. Having said that well captured and a good record of the place.

  4. Amazing colours. Agree with space at the top. I would lighten the winding track a little to lead you through the image. I love Anglesey but have not been here – yet!

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