8 thoughts on “ROB – CANTERING CATERERS”

  1. What a great moment, the the action and the expression on her face. The clarity & composition of the image is spot on. The text tells us the relevant information about the event. But there’s was couple of little details that jump out at you if you don’t mind me mentioning it. There’s a sign that could do with darkening down and the wood behind her foot is a little bright.

  2. Extremely good timing to catch the expression which is classic. Good too that the horse has just landed and hence there is that great splash. One minor niggle is that I would like to see the white horse blanket toned down.

  3. I’ve been and judged a a lot of BE trials and had as much pleasure from the grimaces and shouts of impending doom from the competitors as watching horses do what they do best! Excellent photo well caught, might have liked a little more space on the left but the public are constrained as to where they can access. Agreed the numnah could be toned down a little and the sign too but you’ve done well to avoid the usual paraphernalia that surrounds most challenges.

  4. oops, the rider not sure what’s going to happen next, it s well caught image, giving a sense of the event. The blanket is a bit bright other than that it fits the theme

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