ROBIN taken on a country walk.

They have been featured on Christmas cards since Victorian days. Looking forward to your Comments. CHRIS E

6 thoughts on “Robin”

  1. Robins are associated with Christmas but are also as splash of red the rest of year.
    Good image sharp eye. The burnt log tells another story about loss and regrow.

  2. Yes Robins ..Christmas . Not sure about the very dark background top RHS. A little detail would have enhanced the image. The Robin is in an excellent position and nicely sharp and caught with an insect?, that adds further interest

  3. Very good indeed, both technically and aesthetically. The burnt wood certainly add interest. Not so sure about the moss in the lower left corner, could it be a bit darker or less saturated?

  4. A beautifully captured Robin – the bottom inch is a little distracting and probably requires a little dusting of ‘snow’ to enhance the Christmas sentiment

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