6 thoughts on “Seaside”

  1. I like this, however a crop showing the social distancing deck chairs and pier would be stronger and cloning out the guy in the foreground

  2. Love the curved composition, from the people taking you into the shot and the shapes in the pier. The people spotted around makes you really look at the image. The deckchairs make this image.

  3. I like this image. The people flow to the deckchairs which in turn flow to the pier. The pier really dominates and the sky adds to it

  4. A really interesting image that is just ‘busy’ enough to make it interesting rather than irritating. The white deck chairs on the LHS could do with toning down. Super colour and tones.

  5. Great image – a crop would work better for me capturing only the ‘distanced’ blue deck chairs and the pier

  6. I like the image , great colours and light. The image could be simplified by removing / cropping the foreground figures.

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