SRGB Critique Album

This page was created to continue the Critique Night. A simple way, to keep in touch with each other, as we can’t meet up. You print the image and photograph it. This is of course your choice. Considering you’re printing the image, at our next meeting,(whenever that will be), we all bring our prints over then & see the difference. It would compare the print and the pdi, which is an area we haven’t touched as yet. Some images work better in one medium and not the other.

Sending an image.

  • Photograph your Print
  • Send Me a pdi (club size. no borders)
  • Email me the Image with Title & Paper and any information about the image. 
  • I’ll put it on the site ASAP.
  • Comments – Add Title of Image and write critique. 
  • If you’ve missed any comments, it’s not a problem, just add them later.
  • Max of one image per person per week.

When you first go to write a comment it will ask for you name and email. Once, you’ve done this it will allow your comments without my moderation. I’ll email when a new image is added. 

Comments should be positive with helpful critique...

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