The Group

We all have a passion for printing our images. The last stage of any image is holding in your hand. The group meet twice a month at my studio. We have a limited number of members due to space. The meetings are lead by the groups members, nights can be anything photographically based. Many members share skills, we have speakers, photoshoots and summer meetings. we also have a critique night, the member talks turns to run the night.. Two unmounted prints and one person has first critique then any other comments are added. The owner of the print then adds any questions relating to the print. At the end of the night the person who runs the night awards The Trophy, three are shortlisted and the final choice is given the Trophy. It’s a bit of fun but highly sorted after by the group members. We all have different skills, interests and passions in their photographic choices. The members all enter National Print Exhibitions and many of them are on the L&CPU Judging List & PAGB Judging List. Members can enter the competitions each month but only with new images. SRGB is simply a colour space and seemed a simple name for the group. We are members of the L&CPU. Check out the members Webpages and recent success by clicking on the links. View the members webpages by clicking on their photo.

The Group are all members of other photographic societies in the area. There is a maximum of sixteen members due to the room size. We are not a competition group for federation events but people who enjoy photography and want to share our skills and thoughts in a small group.. By doing this we help others in our clubs.

Dianne Owen

Chairman & Founder

Dianne is an FRPS, photographic Artist and has been dedicated to prints from the darkroom to digital. Her passion is Creative Prints.and prints on Hahnemühle Fine Art papers. The final step of any image is holding a print. She shows her work at talks nationwide and judges at International level. Dianne is also a member of Chorley PS. More…

Gordon Jenkins

Treasurer & Founder Member

Gordon Hon.PAGB and is Past President of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain. Gordon is a life member of Chorley PS He has a passion for prints and lectures and judges nationwide at all levels. Gordon has an extensive knowledge the photographic world and is an colour expert.

Jane M Lines

Founder Member

Jane has achieved LRPS, CPAGB, DPAGB MPAGB and BPE5 is a member of Chorley PS, were she is a driving force behind the External Competitions. Jane is a very prolific award winning print worker and involved in photography at all levels including being a member of the PAGB Executive. Supported by Fotospeed

Bernard Longley

Founder Member

Bernard is an ARPS in AV. He has been involved in the photography and runs his own AV group for many years. His experience includes work in Nationals and Internationals. He is also an print worker showing an extensive range of images.

Colin Douglas


Colin had achieved ARPS AFIAP DPAGB BPE4. His photography has a wide range of subjects and is a long standing member of St Helen’s Camera Club. Colin has extensive judging and lecturing experience, judging many Club, Federation & National Exhibitions. More…

Julia Douglas


Julia is an active member of St Helen’s Camera Club. Her prints cover many subjects including sport, travel and people photography, many of her images are taken on her travels with Colin and attending sporting events.

Ken Ainscow


Ken’s achievements are DPAGB BPE5*. Ken is a member of Lytham Photographic Society. He is a print worker with a wide range of subjects. Gaining Acceptances and awards in National and International Competitions. More…

Keith Richardson


Keith is a member of Atherton & District APS. His work covers a wide range of prints including, architecture, portraiture some stunning creative montages which have been accepted and awarded in National Exhibitions and is now a BPE3. More…

Tillman Kleinhans


Tillman, has gained ARPS EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE4. He has a passion for mono prints. Tillman is a multi award winner nationally & internationally. Tillman is much sort after speaker and judge. He is also a member of St. Helen’s PS. More…

Chris Wood


Chris recently gained her LRPS in prints. She is a member of Southport PS and an active entrant to their competitions and a member of the Exhibition Team. She also enters BPE’s gaining acceptances and more recently awards.

Chris Ellison

Secretary & Member

Chris has achieved ARPS, EPSA, DPAGB and BPE5*. She is a member of Leyland Photographic Society and joined SRGB in 2019. Her main photographic interest is natural history and travel, though since joining SRGB her topics have expanded. More…

James Hardy


James has gained his LRPS & CPAGB. A long standing member of Chorley PS were he hold the post of Secretary. He is also president Elect of the L&CPU. James is involved in many areas of the Photographic World and you can see his work in Lancashire Life.

Oliver Doree


Oliver is a CPAGB and an active member of Accrington Camera Club for many years, holding the post of Past President. He takes a extensive range of images including travel, people and landscape. which he enjoys printing.

Kean Brown


Kean Brown FBPE ARPS is a photographer based in Blackpool. Ninety percent of his images are Portraits. Photographing people is where his passion lies.. His imagery starts with an idea and he enjoys all the stages of creating his prints. More…

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