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DIANNE The idea of moving the sculpture into the landscape gives it a bit of fun. The rail takes you through the image and the colours all work well together.The waves give it a bit of drama. Well thought through. Andy is stood in a puddle, so would need a reflection. :0)

TILLMAN I totally agree with Di’s thoughts on this image.

CHRIS E This image made my smile and reminded me of when the cartoon was in the newspapers. I would just remove the part post top on the bottom left hand side, but other than that it is great

OLIVER Interesting idea, makes good use of the strong lead in to take the eye to the statue, which I feel needs to be a little punchier (and add a shadow!) to match the rails

COLIN I quite like the composition , the wave certainly adds interest. I would crop the post bottom LH corner, a bit distracting for me.

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