9 thoughts on “Stainforth Force”

  1. You’re on a roll James, the dark mood atmosphere of the mono really looks good. A very strong image. The only niggle is a tiny highlight in the bottom corner :0)

  2. Wow this is a good mono,I would love to see a print of this, my only concern is the catchlight in the bottom right, my eye keeps going back to it , you could crop it off.

  3. Love this. Nicely balanced strong mono. Easy enough to clone out bright spot at bottom right. The shafts of light coming down take you further into the image and the pool of light on the water.

  4. Love the feel of the light coming through the top of the image – gives a great contrast to the somber walls of the falls. I’m not sure all of the pool at the bottom of the image is required as the main focus for me is in the top 2/3.

  5. Good choice of shutter speed, and the contrast between the water and the rock is ace. I understand why people are concerned about the light area in the bottom of the RHS, but I find the shafts of light at the top more distracting.

    Surprisingly, the square format works very well, and the positioning of the main elements within that format is good.

  6. Well, you have done it again, these images have an excellent quality, they would work well as a panel. A slight difference of opinion, I don’t mind the light at the top of the pic, but maybe tone it down a bit.

  7. The tones in this are spot on with the falling water retaining a misty look rather than the milky look you often see in these images. Rather than clone out the light spot at bottom left I would look at cropping it off, and then cropping a little off the left side to retain the square format, which works well.

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