5 thoughts on “Starling”

  1. The colours and detail in the feathers are excellent – very well caught, I think the under side of the head needs a bit more light so we could see the eye and a crop to take out
    a bit of the the dominant log on the left would strengthen the image.

  2. Lovely colour and detail, with a suitably diffuse and natural background. Could just do with lightening a little around the eye area.
    It looks like it is sitting on the long nose of a dog – or is that just me? Must stop eating the mushrooms!!

  3. Th usual difficulty with nature shots id the ‘stick’ but the shape adds to the image and holds it nicely together. I agree with the comments about the bird.

  4. Beautiful shot, lower the saturation / contrast in the background slightly as the blue is a little disturbing. Tilliman – where do you get the mushrooms?

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