6 thoughts on “Steve – The Bookie”

  1. I’ve seen a lot of this guy in various salons. It is well captured and there is plenty of environment interest. I would have moved him slightly to the left so that his head obscured the small window, giving a cleaner layout.

  2. Good balance of tones to give atmosphere and drama. Great composition and good ‘story telling’. Like the tilt of the head and the fact that one eye is barely discernible. Is the centre of the phone dial a bit bright?

  3. The windows have been controlled well. I agree with the comments, seen so many in similar poses but it’s a good shot. Possibility not do as well in BPE’s etc as we’ve seen so many. There’s an element of the actor in this as well as the character in the image.

  4. I would darken the RHS, especially the post. There were a number images of this guy in the GB cup recently. It’s a competent shot but we do see an awful lot

  5. Good pose – would have preferred a little more ‘grungy’ lighting to keep in with the wide-boy persona

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