Keith – Storm Dennis

DIANNE The letterbox shape, creates a dynamic landscape. The limited colours add to the power of the storm. My only thought would to flip the sky so the gap in the clouds is behind the Lighthouse to add extra impact to the image. (lightest part of the images always takes the eye first) 

CHRIS E I like this a lot and it has great impact. Wouldn’t it be good if the lamp was illuminated!) 

GORDON Certainly agree with the others about the tremendous impact, and it should do extremely well in most competitions. I like it a lot. 

KEAN I like this image a lot, the composition, the colour palette, the drama etc. However, I might be wrong but, does the light source in the sky and the light on the lighthouse and waves match? I only ask because I tried a composite sea scape a while back and it was pointed out to me that my light source and direction on to the subject were wrong. As this genre is not my normal area, I am genuinely interested in people’s responses to lighting with seascape composites. Then again, how much does this accuracy matter if I like the image a lot as it is? 

OLIVER A strong image and as others have noted, it benefits from the aspect ratio and limited colour palette used. I really like the composition and the drama between the static lighthouse and the breaking wave.The highlight, top left in the sky does need toning down.Great energy and sense of movement in the stormy sea, but as others have commented earlier there is something about the sky that doesn’t quite work – possibly the highlight in the top left being too strong?.

COLIN Very moody seascape, I like the panoramic approach.

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