7 thoughts on “Storm Over Dunstanburgh”

  1. Mono is good, adds a bit more drama and emphasising the cloud structure and tonality. Vertical landscapes aren’t always easy on the eye, but this one just about manages it, by setting the castle in its environmental context, though perhaps, the lower third could be darkened more with a subtle vignette. The breaking surf is a bit distracting and could be darkened or removed.

  2. The mono look good on this, brings out the details and the curve of the coast on the way to the castle. possibly more dodging & burning to bring out the areas more.

  3. Nicely composed and captured, especially the sky. I agree that the foreground may well benefit from being darker.

  4. I did wonder if some of the foreground was lost and a squ6format used. Although then the horizon is in the middle!

  5. Choice of mono is spot on especially with that dramatic sky. As has been said vertical landscapes can challenge our preconceptions of how a landscape shot should appear.

  6. Like the overall feel, however agree with some comments – reduce surf and darker foreground. And good to see the castle from a different view point

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