7 thoughts on “Sunflowers”

  1. What a lovely image with powerful colours and packed with detail. The colours are so vibrant. Only minor niggle is the blue shadow

  2. The triangle of flowers makes a great composition and the vivid yellow certainly jumps out st you. The plain white backgrounds a little stark possibly put something behind the flowers on another occasion that would remove the blue shadows.

  3. Print that on some texture paper, will make this a stunning picture.
    Agree about the blue , which is easily fixed. I like the plain background

  4. Like the composition and the strength of colour. I’m not to worried about the background, the image is strong enough. Can’t wait to see this as a print.

  5. Great composition of the Sunflowers. I would add a couple of textures to the background and this would tie the image together. Would make a beautiful print.

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